Core Jewels craftsmanship 001


Polishing is an important process that supports the shaping and mirror finish of Core Jewels jewelry. Skilled craftsmen use a delicate process to polish the pieces to a mirror finish while maintaining the silhouette perfectly.

Core Jewels craftsmanship 002


Setting stones with Core Jewels' original chatons, such as the flat, wide-sided nails ``My Setting'' and the diamond-shaped nails ``Adamas Setting,'' requires a precise sense of balance, and each piece is carefully finished by skilled craftsmen. Masu.

Core Jewels craftsmanship 003


The special techniques and processing used in Core Jewels jewelry are collectively called special processing. To increase the strength of beaded diamonds, diamond beads with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale are drilled with holes several millimeters in diameter and threaded through a special alloy chain. In addition, the "CJ BLACK" coating is a material made by mixing platinum-type ruthenium into a unique color, and is coated on the base material using technology in the order of several microns.